Monday 17th April at 6pm (UK time)*

What happens in your story? When do we encounter the highs, and the lows? Have you already determined the fate of your protagonist? 

The plot is the backbone of a story: the twists and turns that hook your reader.  By choosing the right plot elements, linking events to character, and mastering twists and sub-plots, you can turn your latest tale into a genuine page-turner.

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The Writers' Academy Tutor Dr. Barbara Henderson will be discussing all aspects of plot, from the amount of plotting you should do, to fixing common plot problems. We will finish with an online Q & A session.

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Date: Monday 17th April
Time: 6pm (UK time)

Plotting a Story Webinar

She will also be joined by Rebecca Watson, who will give you an insight to life at The Writers’ Academy, and what it’s like to study a creative writing course online. 

Dr. Barbara Henderson is a published author with a creative writing PhD and extensive teaching experience. She has been a tutor with The Writers' Academy since 2014.

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Learn the art of writing successful fiction, develop your creative and literary skills and transform your initial ideas into the first draft of your novel.

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The difference between story, plot and narrative

Beginnings, middles and ends

Elements of the perfect plot

Twists and sub-plots

Why plot must be linked to character

Fixing common plot problems



In this masterclass, Dr. Barbara Henderson will discuss:

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